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If you don't have a matrix account, you can sign up for a handle at

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Some advice for any new Signal users looking for increased messenger privacy:

You can buy a burner phone or use an unregistered VOIP phone number to sign up.

Make sure to select "Registration Lock = On" so the number can't be recycled and used again on Signal, leading to contacts speaking with an imposter.

Set "Incognito Keyboard = On" to hinder any potential keylogging type attacks.

Lastly, *always* verify your Safety Number before sharing sensitive info.

Use the tools properly ✊

**Doxxing nyms, _whether they previously used their real name or not_ is not cool, nor is it an acceptable form of retribution for some slight, perceived or real**

Can't believe this needs to be said once again, but here we are. Take a lesson, kids.

Using the tools means using nyms too. Protect yourself. This sort of fighting has only just begun.

come clean @MrHodl you doxing me from socks now? Same mo as the last 2.

Why you telling people I doxed you?

My identity isn't secret but there's only few people that know. Everyone knows I have a preference for privacy.

Look at this random prick I've never interacted with out causally doxing me. Not the first time since I started this group.

This is the behavior of bitcoiners among you. stay vigilant.

@yeolde just click the dropdown on a profile you want to feature.

Not sure how it displays through the fediverse, could just be local.

this is cool. can set your own recommended follows and it will randomly select 4 on every load:

bitcoinenemies in the fediverse, feeding of that moonjuice πŸš€

Here's an invite link for the first person who signs up for a mastodon handle:

An excellent explanation on selfhosting. Short and to the point.
@nme just looked into yunohost. Wow. I'm seriously impressed with this. Nice find!
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