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For valor in the struggle against bootlicking scum everywhere, this committee sees fit to decorate you BitcoinEnemies Statesman.

Thank you for your service and for the generous donation.

Welcome Shrembot to Telegram!

Hit up shremy to view open p2p offers or add your own. PM or message /help for commands.

h/t to distinguished Botfather @christinabahk. No man left behind on the keybase move

Want to have an end-to-end encrypted chat about bitcoin and freedom technology, but not do it under the umbrella of Zoom and increasingly strict terms of service? Then

Or if you're already on a different @matrix server, you can just join the chat at

My ToS read:
Users must be based or based-adjacent.
Use the tools.

"It isn't my fear of these agencies leading me to hide my bitcoin identity; it is my identity being hidden which is leading me to be fearless in the face of upcoming challenges."

โ€” ๐Ÿ‘ค

If you're the administrator of a Bitcoin related Mastodon/Pleroma instance, please add your instance to my relay. Follow the instructions on It should get you access to all instances on the list. Once you've followed, you'll get added to the list! has been updated.

- Congrats to our latest Statesman, @mechanic41turk
- Keybase removed
- Mastodon, Matrix links added
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